ANSI AISC 358-05 Prequalified Connections for Special and

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One means consists of project-specific testing in which a limited number of full-scale specimens, representing the connections to be used in a structure, are constructed and tested in accordance with a protocol prescribed in Appendix S of the AISC Seismic Provisions. Recognizing that it is costly and time consuming to perform such tests, the AISC Seismic Provisions also provide for prequalification of connections consisting of a rigorous program of testing, analytical evaluation and review by an independent body, the connection prequalification review panel (CPRP).

Mm) bbf = width of the beam flange, in. 2, in. (mm) tp = thickness of the end-plate, in. (mm) Mpe = probable maximum moment at plastic hinge, kip-in. (N-mm) L′ = distance between plastic hinges, in. ) and bolt grade. 9-7) where Fnt = nominal tensile stress of bolt, 90 ksi (620 MPa) for A325 bolts and 113 ksi (780 MPa) for A490 bolts hi = distance from the centerline of the beam compression flange to the centerline of the i th tension bolt row. (4) Select a trial bolt diameter, db, greater than that required in Step 3.

4. The spacing of the bolt rows shall be at least 2 2/3 times the bolt diameter. User Note: A distance of 3 times the bolt diameter is preferred. The distance shall be sufficient to provide clearance for any welds in the region. 3 End-Plate Width The width of the end-plate shall be greater than or equal to the connected beam flange width. The effective end-plate width shall not be taken as greater than the connected beam flange plus 1 in. (25 mm). 1(b) and (c), require a gusset plate welded between the connected beam flange and the end-plate.

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