Animal Cells as Bioreactors by Terence Cartwright

By Terence Cartwright

This publication covers all facets of the recent applied sciences had to flip animal cells into an appropriate and inexpensive instrument for drug construction. This contains editing them genetically in order that they produce the correct product in excessive yield, getting them to develop reproducibly on an commercial scale, and extracting the necessary product from them. It additionally covers organic questions of safety, and the verification of the chemical and organic nature of the protein drug produced. The paintings covers the most recent advancements in all of those components and the way all of them have to be built-in for the layout of a good biotechnological creation strategy.

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Another important use of serum-free medium is in research aimed at the characterization of the growth-factor requirements of a particular cell type. 5 6—8 gamma globulin Figures are a consensus from several manufacturers' specifications. All figures are in g/100 ml. 4 Advantages and disadvantages of using serum-free medium Advantages Possible Disadvantages * No risk of viral contamination (if no animal-derived additives are used) * Fastidious nature of cells - may require a custom made medium for each cell type * Constancy of medium composition * * Security of supply Possible slow adaptation to growth in serum-free conditions * Definition of the nutritional environment * Loss of positive effects of serum: * Greatly facilitated downstream processing * Cost savings at high volume protease inhibition toxin neutralization buffering capacity mechanical protection contains a complex and undefined cocktail of growth factors.

Currently maintain probably the largest herd of horses for GMP quality donor serum production in Europe, in excess of 600 horses. TCS Biologicals Ltd. produces donor horse serum that is specially tested for high performance in tissue culture and sold under the name of Equicell. In addition to offering better protection against infectious agents and better standardization of the product, donor serum is cheaper than foetal bovine serum. In consequence it should be evaluated for those production processes whose medium supplementation with serum is essential.

The problem was overcome by taking cells which had previously been transfected with a DHFR-Factor VIII expression vector and in which the Factor VIII gene had been amplified by MTX treatment. A second expression vector which linked vWf and ADA was then introduced into these cells, and the vWf gene was co-amplified by treatment with deoxycoformycin. The level of recovery of active Factor VIII from the serumfree culture medium was then shown to increase corresponding to the observed increase in vWf expression (Kaufman et al, 1989).

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