Aluminium Cast House Technology VIII by Peter R. Whiteley

By Peter R. Whiteley

From the eighth Australasian convention on Aluminium Casthouse expertise in Brisbane, Australia, September 14-17, 2003

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1 8 5I 2000 2001 2002 Year The Just In Time committee initiated process mapping (table-3) to identify non value adding activities (NVA) in billet casting. This study was very revealing & helped to identify a very simple project for overall cycle times reduction in billet casting. Table. 3. Productivity (process mapping) SI. No. Activities Scrap charging Molten metal charging Blending Sample analysis Fluxing Dedrossing Holding Casting Pit stripping Shifting & charge preparation Homogenizing Shifting Billet cooling Unloading Starting head & mold changing (5-6",7-8",8-9",9-7") 16.

C. castables, used in different areas of aluminum furnaces including bauxite, high alumina, zircon, silicon carbide, mullite, and fused silica. All of them show corundum growth eventually if the conditions are severe enough. So what conditions promote corundum growth? Essentially there are two major factors which affect the rate of corundum growth: (1) Metal/furnace temperature. (2) Type of alloy. It is a general rule that the rate of chemical reactions is increased as temperature is increased and the corundum reaction is no exception.

To such an extent that it had grown horizontally and began to spht the furnace shell welding and also caused deformation of the shell side plates. Essentially there is one big problem with the selection of refractory material for aluminum holding and melting furnaces and that is corundum. Corundum is formed in aluminum furnaces because aluminum (Al) has a greater affinity for oxygen than does silicon (Si). 4Al + 3Si0 2 = 2Al 2 0 3 + 3Si In effect the molten aluminum reacts with the oxygen in any refractory containing silica (Si02) and forms corundum (A1203).

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