Alpenglühen: Überleben im Alpenraum auch für Zugelaufene by Oliver Seibt

By Oliver Seibt

Vom täglichen Er- und Überleben auf Hängen und Pisten, in der Küche und am Tresen, von Männern und Frauen, Lehrern und Schüler(inne)n in Bildern, die das Leben in gelb und anderen Farben in den Schnee schrieb. (Never devour yellow snow....!)

Seit vielen Jahren fahren sie gemeinsam Ski. OS zeichnet das Leben drum herum und hat darüber mit UC und anderen viele Abende verbracht. Alle endeten mit vom Lachen schmerzenden Bäuchen...

Wer Ähnlichkeiten findet, darf sie behalten.

Möge der Powder mit Euch sein. (Die einzigen weißen Kristalle, die excessive machen, ohne den Beipackzettel lesen zu müssen.)

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You should think of yourself as a film director who chooses specific camera angles and tells the actors how you want them to move and act in a given situation. This analogy is worth using again when we come to look at creating manga layouts and panels. Whether someone is in a dynamic action shot or slouching in a chair, this has a direct effect on the composition of the picture and gives us information about that character’s actions, personality, and the overall mood of the scene. Don’t think too deeply about the construction of your picture; these are just considerations that should be in the back of your mind––after some practice, you’ll come up with ingenious ideas for how to get the most from your poses.

59 Manga 144 sections 48-75 1/8/2006 4:07 pm Page 60 Step 5 FEMALE FRONT VIEW FIGURES It’s time to add in the final details––nails to the fingers, detail to the eyes and ears, and think carefully about creases and shading on the clothes. Step 6 F4D04C65-ADD5-4359-9F34-905F4B2136E6 Remember to make the eyes big and almondshaped. Notice how adding in eyelashes opens up the eyes even more, and helps accentuate the femininity of the face. 60 Manga 144 sections 48-75 1/8/2006 4:07 pm Page 61 FIGURES FEMALE FRONT VIEW Step 7 F4D04C65-ADD5-4359-9F34-905F4B2136E6 You’re now ready to use color but remember to keep it simple for maximum effect!

Each can be represented by preliminary sketches using oval shapes. I know some people don't like using shapes to draw a figure: you don’t have to sketch arms in this way; it is just one possible way of going about it. Step 2 Some recommend using cylinders, but it’s better to use flat ovals because they more closely match the shape of the arm. If the arms are held loosely at the sides as here, the hands should come down to the middle of the thigh. The elbows should be at about waist length. 62 Manga 144 sections 48-75 1/8/2006 4:08 pm Page 63 Step 3 FIGURES Draw in some hair and add the outlines of the costume.

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