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B) A major modification or direct development of an existing type. This may well involve expensive major changes to the airframe such as an extended fuselage, new wing or alternative powerplants, as well as equipment update. c) A completely new design. This is clearly the most expensive option and the one which carries the greatest risk with it. Although completely new designs are much less frequent than major modifications it is essential to embark upon them periodically to maintain a long-term manufacturing or operational capability.

2 Design codes and conceptual design The various design codes cover a wide range of topics but it is possible to identify those which have a particular influence at the conceptual design phase. They fall into three categories. a) Performance requirements. 5, the design codes include stipulations concerning such matters as the definition of take-off and landing field lengths, residual climb capability subsequent to an engine failure and performance when a landing approach is abandoned. Clearly these have a major impact on such design parameters as powerplant thrust and wing configuration.

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