Air Pollution - New Developments by Anca Maria Moldoveanu (editor)

By Anca Maria Moldoveanu (editor)

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Electronic Noses and Sensors for the Detection of Explosives

This publication examines either the capability program of digital nostril know-how, and the present kingdom of improvement of chemical sensors for the detection of vapours from explosives, similar to these utilized in landmines. the 2 fields have built, a little in parallel, over the last decade and so one of many reasons of this workshop, on which the ebook relies, used to be to compile scientists from the 2 fields on the way to problem the 2 groups and, together, stimulate either fields

The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill (Environmental Disasters)

This reference information the timeline of the oil spill, studying purposes for the twist of fate, the inefficient process that impeded cleanup efforts, and the consequences of the huge spill at the pristine setting of Prince William Sound, Alaska.

Global Warming - Myth or Reality?: The Erring Ways of Climatology (Springer Praxis Books)

This ebook seeks to split truth from fiction within the global-warming debate. the writer starts by way of describing the historical past of the Intergovernmental Panel on weather swap (IPCC) and lots of different meetings, and their dire predictions on international temperatures, rainfall, climate and weather, whereas highlighting confusion and sensationalism media studies.

Desiccant-Assisted Cooling: Fundamentals and Applications

The expanding drawback with indoor air caliber has ended in air-quality criteria with elevated air flow premiums. even though expanding the amount circulate price of out of doors air is a good idea from the viewpoint of air-quality, it really is dangerous to strength intake, because the outdoor air should be delivered to the relaxation situation sooner than it truly is insufflated to the conditioned ambient.

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