Aging and the Religious Dimension by L. Eugene Thomas, Susan A. Eisenhandler

By L. Eugene Thomas, Susan A. Eisenhandler

Getting older and faith has been badly ignored within the box of Gerontology. This ebook, containing thirteen chapters of unique concept and study, is dedicated to realizing where that faith and spirituality carry within the lives of aged people. The authors, every one specialists of their personal box, method this factor from their backgrounds within the social sciences and the arts. total it is a ground-breaking assortment: it's one of many first makes an attempt to hunt to appreciate the function that faith performs within the lives of aged people. in line with their a number of multi-disciplinary views, the authors utilize various qualitative and quantitative methodologies in addition to own narrative and literature to grapple with this factor. ultimately, the publication is exclusive in that it addresses students and scholars, together with the informed layman, instead of the pro on my own.

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However defined, this sense of fulfillment describes how the tension between attachment and separateness is ultimately resolved. According to Berger and Luckmann (1966), religions represent socially constructed views of reality which then become a kind of "sacred canopy" over all human activity regardless of whether people understand themselves to be religious. This suggests that Western religion's emphasis on attachment, both in terms of the interpretation of spirituality and specific beliefs about the divine/ human relationship, may affect the way aging and loneliness are understood and experienced in the West.

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