Advances in Quantum Chemistry by Per Olov Lowdin

By Per Olov Lowdin

Content material: targeted vols.: v. forty-one (2002): A tribute to the lifestyles and paintings of Per-Olov Lowdin.-v.42 (2003): see analytic access 118469.-v.44 (2003): see analytic access 88803.-vols. 45,46 (2004): see analytic access 90077.-v. forty eight (2005): Jens Oddershede -- adventurer in quantum chemistry

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Phys. A, 1999, 32, 8527. G. Racah, Phys. , 1949, 76, 1352. A. Ceulemans, R. B. King, S. A. Bovin, K. M. Rogers, A. Troisi and W. Fowler, J. Math. , 1999, 26, 101. B. Kostant, Notices Math. , 1995, 42, 959. Antilinear Particle– Hole Conjugation Operators in Jahn–Teller Theory E. D. Savage and G. E. Stedman Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Canterbury, Private Bag 4800, Christchurch, New Zealand Abstract Linear and antiunitary particle – hole conjugation operators have each been proposed, and each for antiparticle theory and for the condensed matter analogues in nuclear, atomic and ligand shell theories.

1016/S0065-3276(03)44003-3 22 24 25 27 27 29 31 33 33 34 36 36 39 39 42 42 42 q 2003 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved 22 E. D. Savage and G. E. Stedman 1. INTRODUCTION Despite their opposite intentions, the shopper’s problem in finding a vacancy in a busy car park and the thief’s problem in converting a car when the car park is nearly deserted have similarities. By toggling between such scenarios, particle – hole (or charge) conjugation operators C aid the mathematical comparisons of analogous situations in physical theory.

We were both so glad to meet his wife, and the family of his son, and musically very gifted grandson. Isaac was in full swing at the university, writing books, discussing with great wit, and quick to understand – as I had known him for well over thirty years. A. Mu¨ller Physics Institute, University of Zu¨rich, CH-8057 Zu¨rich, Switzerland A Unique Jahn–Teller Mechanism of all the Symmetry Breakings in Molecular Systems and Condensed Matter Isaac B. Bersuker Institute for Theoretical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX 78712, USA Abstract An attempt is made to present all the symmetry breakings (SB) in molecular systems and condensed matter from a unique point of view as controlled by the electronic structure, degeneracy and pseudodegeneracy, via the Jahn– Teller (JT) vibronic coupling effects [JT, Renner – Teller (RT), and pseudo Jahn– Teller (PJT) effects].

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