A Shrine for Tibet: The Alice S. Kandell Collection of by Marylin Rhie, Robert Thurman, John Bigelow Taylor

By Marylin Rhie, Robert Thurman, John Bigelow Taylor

Tibetan Buddhists see the realm in realities, of relative and absolute: the relative international is skilled as both the standard global of samsaric discomfort or the extreme nation of common bliss and fulfillment.

these enlightened comprehend their crucial oneness with the universe and think the comfort of a joyful connection to every thing. A Shrine for Tibet is a superbly illustrated party of this philosophy via Alice Kandell's brilliant selection of artwork from the fifteenth Century Ganden Renaissance throughout to the seventeenth Century construction of the Potala Palace, and into the 18th and nineteenth Centuries, the place Mongolian and Manchu Qing Buddhist artwork bloomed within the Tibetan culture.

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110) Lama and the Gelukp:l~. ll and TS:lng (e:lstern and SOUlh('rn Tibet) consolidated thoSl' :lrC:l~. In 1642, Guslm Khan gave the Fifth Dalai Lama (b. 16 17) supreme power owr the state in addition to IllS role as the head of the Geluk order; from this time on, the Gduk bccallll' the most powerful order Ul Tibct. 48 In 1645, the ~Gre;lt Fifth" be~an the conStrucllon of the Potala Palace 1Il Lhas,l, which to thiS day renKWb the symbol of a unified, religiously onented Tibct. In the context of these events, the monastt'r)" of Tashl Lhunpo III Shlg:ltse (Fig.

These fe(l[Ures, along with tht Increased se nSe of movement in rhe crown ribbo ns and scarves, become sr,ll1dard and more embellished in sculptures from areas close 1'0 northern China later in th e "evenreenrh cenrury. surnewhat more deconHlve imager), of the late seventeenth ct:ntUf)' and eighteenth ccnrur}'. ongols ill the early sevenrecnrh ce ntury. Around 1600\ th e first Buddhist temple, the Maitrcya Tem ple, was built in Baoting (HohJlOt). " '" Su rviv ing wall paintings from this temple of rhe early scveotecnrh century are r::trc ('xamplcs of ca rl y Mongo· lian Buddhist p~inting.

A gilt copper statue of Tsong Khapa at Tashi Lhlll1PO in Fig. 7 appears to be an early srarue of that master. It is a ~llperb image with extraordinary beauty in the depiction of the robes with their nuid movements and complicateu overlapping. The

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