A Race to Splendor by Ciji Ware

By Ciji Ware

"Blindly, she inched alongside a ground pitching as violently because the deck of a ship in a midwinter hurricane. Her arms touched the brink commencing onto the 9th ground lobby on the quick the glass transom over her head exploded right into a thousand items. Reflexively, Amelia solid her correct arm in entrance of her face, yet now not prior to blood spurted from her scalp and ran down her tests. She crumpled underneath the doorframe, curling right into a ball. Amelia screamed back as a twenty-five-foot expanse of wooden paneling and masonry pitched outward and plunged 9 tales to Montgomery highway less than. She knew that no constitution on landfill, regardless of how good equipped, may well face up to even more shaking with out collapsing.

Then, simply as without warning, the convulsions subsided."

Early in 1906, the floor in San Francisco shook constructions and lives from their cozy foundations.

Amidst rubble, corruption, and deceit, women-young architects in a urban and box governed by means of men-find themselves racing the clock and every different through the rebuilding of competing motels within the urban through the Bay.

in accordance with meticulous study, A Race to attractiveness tells the tale of the audacious humans of 1 of the world's nice towns rebuilding and reinventing themselves after monstrous human tragedy. full of braveness, ardour, and clash, Amelia Bradshaw's spirit will catch your mind's eye as she strives to redraft her lifestyles amidst the ruins with either support and predicament from a wayward son of privilege who pulls her into worlds she'd by no means have known.

"Richly drawn characters...will continue you turning those pages!"
-Michael Llewellyn, writer of 12th Night

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She longed to fling herself upon the silk coverlet gracing the handsome bed in the next room and cry until she had emptied herself of all feeling—but she couldn’t even do that. She supposed she was numb, barely able to summon the energy to look at the gray moisture curling over the bay. D. Thayer were still housed under the same roof. To her amazement, she had returned to the hotel prepared to pack her belongings, only to find a polite note in her room from the hotel’s now-legal proprietor urging her to stay as his guest as long as she needed before moving to her aunt’s home across the bay in Oakland.

Ignoring the question, Henry pounded the desk with his fist. “Everybody knows that after Charlie got sick, I was perfectly within my legal rights as his son-in-law to take charge of this place! ” “No one ever put you in charge of anything, Father,” Amelia cut in. D. was frankly caught off guard by this news of Charlie Hunter’s revised will. Bradshaw had assured him his wife was the heir, and therefore her property was legally her husband’s to manage and control, even if it meant wagering it in an all-night poker match six weeks ago and gambling away the rest of his assets last night.

Thayer, and perfectly able to take on these responsibilities. Let us not forget, gentlemen, times are changing—and so are our laws. ” Kemp retorted. D. replied mildly. He assumed his rejoinder would get a rise out of her and was not disappointed. Her eyes flashed with incandescent fervor and no small degree of irritation. She strode over to the desk looking anything but a naïve spinster longing for compliments. “It’s a new century, Mr. Thayer, and we ‘females,’ as you put it, are quite capable of seeing to our own affairs.

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