A manual for design of hot mix asphalt with commentary by National Research Council (U.S.). Transportation Research

By National Research Council (U.S.). Transportation Research Board.; National Cooperative Highway Research Program.; American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials.; United States. Federal Highway Administration.; Advanced Asphalt Technol

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0%. After mass loss determination, the bottles are heated, and the asphalt is poured either into a tin for further testing, or into PAV pans for additional aging. Figure 3-4 shows an RTFOT oven. PAV Aging In the PAV aging test, the technician fills 125-mm-diameter stainless steel pans with asphalt that has already been aged in the RTFOT test. Six of these pans are placed in a vertical rack, which is then placed in the pressure vessel, which in turn is placed inside an oven. The pressure vessel is a heavily constructed steel chamber, designed to withstand the high pressure and temperature used in the PAV test.

Table 4-8 presents the requirements for flat and elongated particles. Clay Content The presence of dust or clay coatings on aggregates can prevent the asphalt binder from properly coating the aggregates within an HMA. This can lead to water penetrating the asphalt binder film and, therefore, stripping of the asphalt binder from the aggregate. The Sand Equivalent test (AASHTO T 176, Plastic Fines in Graded Aggregates and Soils by Use of the Sand Equivalent Test) is used to evaluate the cleanliness of aggregates to identify when harmful clay-sized particles exist in an aggregate blend.

65. Table 4-4. Standard sizes of fine aggregates for bituminous paving mixtures as adapted from AASHTO M 29. AASHTO Grading No. 075 mm 1 100 95 to 100 70 to 100 40 to 80 20 to 65 7 to 40 2 to 20 0 to 10 2 --- 100 75 to 100 50 to 74 28 to 52 8 to 30 0 to 12 0 to 5 3 --- 100 95 to 100 85 to 100 65 to 90 30 to 60 5 to 25 0 to 5 4 100 80 to 100 65 to 100 40 to 80 20 to 65 7 to 40 2 to 20 0 to 10 5 100 80 to 100 65 to 100 40 to 80 20 to 65 7 to 46 2 to 30 --- % Passing (mass %) for Sieve Size: Aggregates Table 4-5.

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