A History of Chemistry. 1. Theoretical Background by J. R. Partington

By J. R. Partington

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Show the influence of the school of Kroton and the humoral pathology of Alkmeon. T h e writings were brought to Alexandria in the 3 cent. C. ) of compound things, and Anonymtis Londtnensts (see p. ® These may be doctrines of the historical Hippokrates. g. Thabit ibn Qurrah, d. d . ^ In alchemical works® he seems to have been confused with Dem okritos. T h e Dogmatic (or Rationalist) School of medicine, said to have been founded by Thessalos of K os (fl. c. C. , pepsis), produced by heat in the body and usually resulting in a thickening of the body fluids.

1929, xxii, 291; Zeller, (1), I, i^, 870 (c. ). ®J, ii, 219-53; L, vi, 90-115; Gossen, PW, viii, 1801 (1816); Wellmann, Hermes, 1926, Ixi, 329* K , i, 571; L, vi, 94. ’ Filliozat, (i), 184 f. ®Haeser, (i), i, 131; W. H. S. , in OCD , 48. , § 3; K, i, 571; L , vi, 94. L, vi, 96. Kiihn, xiv, 281. , X V III, ii, 17, 21. nepi aapKwv, § 2; K , i, 425; L , viii, 384 (later than Aristotle: Diels, (2), 17; Zeller, II, ii, 441). ; K , i, 599; L, vi, 372.

J. PhiloL, 1940, Ixi, i (3); Senn, A. , 1 9 3 0 . xxiii, 285; Ueberweg, (i), i, 72; VS, i, 210, 495; Wellmann, Archeion, 1929, xi, 156; A. , 1930, xxiii, 291; Zeller, (i), I, i^, 436, 596. (i), 20, 77, 96, 103 : Akron, 108; Philistion of Lokroi, 109; Diokles, 117; Vindicianus, 208. X U K iiH iv t 't liL . U iU J f t L Y Hippokrates, who may have been a real person. T h e oldest {c. ) show the influence of the school of Kroton and the humoral pathology of Alkmeon. T h e writings were brought to Alexandria in the 3 cent.

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