A Field Guide to Office Technology by Ed Sobey

By Ed Sobey

With greater than a hundred and sixty entries detailing every little thing from the junk buried in table drawers to that mysterious field blinking away within the coat closet, this sensible consultant navigates via sleek place of work expertise. every one access incorporates a practical description of a tool (what it's and the way it really works) in addition to details on who invented it and the way its layout has advanced through the years. units are grouped in line with their habitats—in the convention room, striking from the ceiling, or attached to a computer—to help in fast and simple id. fixing workplace mysteries, resembling why cellphone keypads have their ones within the higher left nook whereas calculator keypads position those within the decrease left nook, this interesting source decodes the customarily complicated technological landscapes of daily workplaces.

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H A B I TAT Power supplies hang out at electrical outlets everywhere. When not plugged in, they’re packed for travel or sit in a drawer. H O W I T WO R K S Look at the front and back sides of the power supply. Printed on one side is what it expects for an input voltage—120V AC in the United States or 240V AC for many other countries—and what voltage it outputs. The output can be alternating current (AC), in which case the device is just a transformer. It changes the voltage from the line voltage (120V) to what the appliance needs to operate.

The person operating the defibrillator uses two paddle-mounted electrodes to deliver the shock(s). The paddles are placed on opposite sides of the chest. They have well insulated handles so the operator doesn’t get shocked. Defibrillators work somewhat like strobe lights in cameras. A battery charges a capacitor that delivers the shock very quickly. Capacitors can discharge much faster than batteries and so are ideal for supplying sudden bursts of direct current electric energy. I N TE R E S T I N G FAC TS Defibrillation was discovered in the late nineteenth century but not successfully used on a person until 1947.

If you lift one of the tiles up you will see the messy side of technology. Amid the dust bunnies are pipes and wires running across the office, as well as ducting for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Light fixtures either poke through the tiles or consume an entire panel, supported by the grid. Many offices opt not to have the low ceilings created by dropped ceilings. In these offices, ducts, pipes, and wires run across the office in plain sight. Some are labeled, which makes it easy to figure out what they do and where they go.

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