4-Manifolds and Kirby Calculus (Graduate Studies in by András I. Stipsicz, Robert E. Gompf

... ; these groups all become equal after a while, and we define the limit to be ~(X) , where X= (~}.

_ of this J (defined. by joi} into tho second group) 1F (defined by f... 1 s-r-1) lTt(X, M i ~\ Q (defined by 48 If r is large compared with and domain of s, then the range Q can be identified with subgroups of = (X, M 1) TTt (X, y); the subgroups give the filtration -s -s defined by the images of 1Tt (X, Ms ). 1ft For convergence, than,it remains only to prove the following lemma. consists ot elements of odd order. Since the spectral sequence is an invariant, it is sufficient to do this for a favorably chosen resolution.

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